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National Development Plan 2013-2017

"The national development plan (PND) for 2013-2017 starts a new cycle of history and experience of the planning system of Angola. In fact, it's the first medium term plan elaborated within the framework of the new Constitution of the country and after the adoption of the law on General Bases of the National Planning System. This Plan also covers a period of great importance for the future of the country.
It lies in the middle-route of the National Strategy for Long-Term Development "Angola 2025".  After the great effort that was made to rebuild the Country devastated by decades of war, Angola has entered the stage of modernization and development, sustainability focused on stability and growth and appreciation of the Angolan Men. This valuation is based, first, on literacy and schooling for all Angolan people, which are the basis for training and technical-professional qualifications and higher training of its leaders, essential to Sustainable, Equitable and Vast Development of Angola".

Letter of Proposal _ Angolan Mining Sector.

Mining Code (english version)
Presentation Indaba 2015
National development plan for 2013-2017 (Full version in Portuguese)